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Lakeside Spa Holidays

Terms & Conditions


1.      Introduction

Lakeside Spa Holidays (“LSH”, “we”, “us”) is a holiday rental agent, and arranges short term lets of holiday accommodation (the “Property”) on behalf of holiday let property owners (“Property Owners”) on a self-catering basis.  

Bookings are made by the “Lead Guest”, who agrees to enter into a binding contract with the Property Owner, including these Terms & Conditions and the Lower Mill Estate Code of Conduct (LME Code of Conduct).  As part of the booking process the Lead Guest is required to confirm that they have read and will comply with this Code of Conduct and accepts responsibility for ensuring that all other guests in their group will read and comply with them.

This contract is formed when a confirmation of booking has been issued by LSH.  The Lead Guest is responsible for payment for the booking as described below, and for ensuring all members of their party comply with these Terms & Conditions.  The Lead Guest must be at least 18 years of age.

2.      Booking & Payment

Price of your stay

The Lead Guest is responsible for paying the costs for your stay.  This includes the price of the Property rental which is paid to the Owner, our booking fee of £44.50 and any optional extras you choose to take such as logs, high chairs, travel cots etc.

The price payable is inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) at the prevailing rate, where applicable.  The total price and a full breakdown (including deposit / balancing payment details where relevant) is provided by email from LSH upon acceptance of your booking.


For holidays booked more than 12 weeks in advance of the arrival date, we will take a deposit of 25% of the total booking value.  The remaining balance will be automatically charged to your payment card on or shortly after 12 weeks prior to arrival date.  If your booking is made less than 12 weeks prior to arrival, the full price will be charged at the point of booking.

Security deposit

A security deposit for your booking, as stated during the booking process, will be taken as an amount held on your payment card.  Subject to any damages or costs incurred, the security deposit will be released within 7 days after checkout.

Payment card

All amounts will be charged to the payment card details provided by you when making the booking.  By making a booking, you authorise us to make the charges described in these Terms & Conditions, including taking any remaining balances as described above without further confirmation from you.

Right to refuse / cancel bookings

LSH reserves the right to refuse any booking at its sole discretion or to cancel any booking already accepted.  Where this right is exercised, LSH will confirm this in writing to the Lead Guest and refund any charges made.

Booking confirmation and information pack

Once your booking is accepted and a deposit (or full amount) taken, we will provide you with confirmation of booking, a detailed invoice and welcome information containing the details of your booking and all the information you should need.  Please check the details carefully and if you think anything is incorrect, let us know immediately. 

3.      Changes & cancellations


LSH may, at its discretion, agree to a change to the date, duration or Property in respect of a confirmed booking.  Any change will be subject to payment of any difference in price.  LSH also reserves the right to make an administration charge.

Cancellations by the guest

Any cancellation by the Lead Guest must be confirmed in writing or by email to LSH.  If the booking is cancelled more than 12 weeks prior to arrival date, the deposit will be retained by LSH.  If the booking is cancelled less than 12 weeks prior to arrival date, the full price of the booking will be retained and no refund given.  You are advised to consider obtaining holiday cancellation insurance if you have any concerns.

Cancellations by the Property Owner

In very exceptional circumstances, the Property Owner may need to cancel a booking, and reserves the right to do so.  In these instances, LSH will seek to identify an alternative Property if possible, otherwise we will provide a full refund.

4.      Your stay & responsibilities

Makeup of your group

In order to rent at the Lower Mill Estate we are required to ensure each group meets the occupancy guidelines, which seek to avoid large all adult groups which are not either multi-gender or multi-generational.  In addition, each Property has a maximum occupancy (both in total and maximum adults), which is shown on our website which must not be exceeded.  The Properties must be used for domestic, non-commercial purposes and must not be sub-let.  We do not accept bookings from corporate entities or organisations. 

The Lead Guest agrees to provide details of those staying at the Property during the booking (sex, ages / generational makeup).  If we believe that the group does not comply with these rules, the booking will be refused / cancelled.  If your group does not comply with these rules when they arrive at the Property, they may be asked to leave the Property immediately and no refund will be offered. 

Day visitors to the Property may be permitted with our prior consent, at our discretion, provided that the total group (including visitors) does not exceed the maximum occupancy of the Property.


A number of our Properties permit a specific number of small / medium, well behaved dogs to stay.  These Properties are clearly identified on our website.  An additional fee is payable for each pet.  Pets should not be allowed on furniture or in bedrooms.

Any pets not notified at the point of booking will not be permitted and should they be present, guests may be asked to leave the Property immediately and no refund will be offered.

No smoking

All of our Properties are strictly no smoking and no vaping throughout.

Arrival & departure

The Property that you have booked will normally be available for your use from 4pm on the date of your arrival, and must be vacated by 10am on the date of your departure, unless otherwise agreed by LSH.  

A representative of LSH will contact you prior to your arrival date, and will also meet you at the Property shortly after you have arrived to check that everything is in order and to answer any questions you may have.  

Upon departure, please ensure that the Property is left clean and tidy so that the housekeepers can prepare it in good time for the next guests’ arrival, in accordance with our checkout instructions provided in the Property and by email.  In particular, please ensure all rubbish and recycling is taken to the nearest bin store on the Estate.

Due care

Guests are expected to take reasonable care of the Property and contents during their stay.  The Lead Guest is responsible for any damages that may occur.  LSH reserves the right to charge reasonable amounts and / or withhold part or all of the security deposit to cover costs that LSH or the Property Owner incurs for repair or replacement of damages, breakages or missing items.

Cars and parking

Each Property has 1 (in some cases 2) allocated car parking spaces.  Additional visitor spaces and overflow car parks are available.  Guests must park only in these spaces, and in accordance with the Estate Rules, including displaying a parking permit as requested.  Guests must also comply with the speed limits throughout the Estate.  Cars are parked at the owners risk. 

Electric or Hybrid vehicles must not be recharged directly from the Property mains sockets.

Self catering

Properties are offered on a self-catering basis, and appropriate facilities and kitchenware are provided to reflect this. 

General behaviour and Estate rules 

The Lower Mill Estate is a peaceful, family-friendly, private estate set in extensive natural grounds.  Guests must be respectful of this environment, and others that are staying in nearby properties and the wider Estate. 

The Estate has a code of conduct, and adherence to this code of conduct is part of the lease terms for all Properties.  As such, all guests must comply with the code of conduct, and the Lead Guest is responsible for ensuring that their group complies.  If any guests do not comply with this code, they may be asked to leave the Estate and no refund will be offered.

The Estate has a number of wardens and other staff.  If they are required to enforce any Estate rules for guests that are not complying, the Estate may make a charge to the relevant Property Owner.  If such a charge is made, we reserve the right to pass this charge on to the Lead Guest.

Guests will allow LSH or any of our agents access to the Property at all reasonable times, including to carry out any required repairs or maintenance.

5.      Properties & owners

Responsibility for the Property

Each Property is owned by a 3rd party Owner (i.e. not LSH).  The Owners are responsible for the fitness for rental of their Property, including upkeep, safety, equipment, contents and cleanliness of the Property including Hot Tubs where provided. 

Accuracy of information

Any Property details, photographs, video, floorplans etc shown on our website or provided by other means are for illustrative purposes only.  Whilst we endeavour to make sure they are suitably representative, each Property is continuously being updated and refreshed and specific aspects may change from the details shown.  Should any specific element be important to you, please ensure you confirm with us before booking. 

Linen, towels, equipment and contents

As part of your booking, clean linen and towels are provided on arrival for your use during your stay.  The towels provided must not be taken to the Spa or pools. The Owner also provides equipment and contents (including kitchenware) for you use during your stay in line with the Self Catering nature of your holiday rental.

Hot Tubs

A number of our Properties have a hot tub, which are available to use if you staying the relevant Property.  Should you not wish to use the hot tub, you may deselect it during the booking process and the cost of provision will be deducted from the cost of your stay.    

Hot tubs are maintained by an independent 3rd party specialist company.  Use of the hot tub is at your own risk, and subject to the hot tub guidelines which are provided at the Property.  In particular, you are reminded of the requirement to keep noise limited in accordance with the Lower Mill Estate Code of Conduct.

6.      Lower Mill Estate & facilities

The Properties that we represent are on the Lower Mill Estate (“LME”, the “Estate”) in the Cotswolds.  Guests are permitted to make use of the wider Estate during their stay, although the maintenance and provision of the Estate and any facilities is not managed by LSH or Property Owners.

For the avoidance of doubt, LSH is not connected with the Lower Mill Estate Ltd, Habitat First Group or any of its subsidiaries other than as far as the Properties are part of the Estate.

Spa / Swimming Pools, Gym, Mill Village Pool, Tennis Courts, MUGA, Playground, Soft Play, Ballihoo

The Estate has a range of facilitates available for your use during your stay.  These are owned and managed by the Estate or others (and not by LSH or Owners).  Guest use these facilities at their own risk, and must follow any applicable rules of the Estate or other operators.  On occasion some facilities may be closed or otherwise unavailable, at the operators discretion.

Some facilities must be booked in advance, and in some cases an additional cost is payable.  A number of guest Spa passes are provided in each Property which are required for access to the Spa / Swimming Pools.  If any passes are lost, a charge of £35 per pass may be made to the Lead Guest to cover the cost we incur to replace them.

Activity Hub

Bikes, watersports and other equipment can be hired from the Activity Hub on the Estate, which is owned and operated independently of LSH.  Alternatively guests can bring their own equipment.  Use of any such equipment (either guests own or from the Activity Hub) is entirely at the guests own risk.

Use of Lakes

There are 8 lakes within the Lower Mill Estate.  Access to certain lakes is not permitted as part of the rules of the Estate, in order to protect wildlife.  

For the other lakes, activities including kayaking, paddleboarding, swimming, fishing and sailing are allowed.  The use of a buoyancy aid is mandatory for any activities on the lakes.  

Different activities are allowed on different lakes and in some cases may require a relevant permit.  All activities are at the individual’s own risk, and subject to restrictions including time of year and time of day.  Full details are available in each Property. 

Construction work and maintenance

The Lower Mill Estate has over 300 fully completed properties.  A small number of properties are under construction or not yet fully completed.  Where one of our Properties is situated close to ongoing work, this is clearly noted on our website.  If you have any concerns please confirm with us before booking.  For all properties, some areas of the wider Estate that you may spend time in may be close to areas where construction work is ongoing.

From time to time maintenance or construction work to individual properties or wider Estate areas may be ongoing during your stay.

7.      Lakeside Spa Holidays role

LSH acts as agent for our Property Owners.  Our role is to market Properties and arrange bookings, and facilitate Guests stays at the Property.

LSH is ultimately not responsible for the state of repair, safety, cleanliness, or contents of the Property, which is the responsibility of the Owner.  We will seek to ensure appropriate standards are maintained and liaise with the Owner and their appointed cleaning and maintenance teams to resolve any issues.

8.      Issues or complaints

Should any issues or cause for complaint arise, this should be notified to LSH immediately during your stay and we will seek to resolve where we are able to do so.

9.      Legal points

The contract represented by your booking and these Terms & Conditions are subject to English Law and deemed to be made at our offices in Hertfordshire.

The Lead Guest is responsible for checking the details provided on the booking confirmation upon receipt.  We may be unable to correct errors at a later date.

LSH, its employees or agents, and the Property Owner shall not be under any liability to any guests or 3rd parties for any accident, loss, theft, damage, expense, injury or death arising from or in connection with the holiday at the Property.  No terms are enforceable by any person that is not a party to the contract.

Force Majeure

In no event shall LSH be responsible or liable for any failure or delay in the performance of its obligations hereunder arising out of or caused by, directly or indirectly, forces beyond its control, including, without limitation, strikes, work stoppages, accidents, acts of war or terrorism, civil or military disturbances, nuclear or natural catastrophes or acts of God, and interruptions, loss or malfunctions of utilities, communications or computer (software and hardware) services; it being understood that LSH shall use reasonable efforts to resume performance as soon as practicable under the circumstances.

Contact details

Email:             bookings@lakesidespaholidays.com

Phone:           01285 615 615

Mail:               Luxury Holidays (Cotswolds) Ltd  T/A Lakeside Spa Holidays

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These Terms & Conditions supersede all previous version with effect from 31 March 2023.