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The Lower Mill Estate | Conservation

Nowhere else in England can you stay in such contemporary luxury amidst such an expanse of unspoiled natural beauty, and everyone connected with Lower Mill Estate is committed to the conservation of its unique environment.

Because sustainability is close to Estate’s heart, the properties are built by a team with many years experience of constructing houses that are environmentally sensitive.

Not only are the properties built in a way that that does not disrupt or tamper with the surrounding nature reserve, but the team has also been involved in a number of conservation initiatives on the estate. For example, a nature habitat has been built on an island within Clearwater Lake to attract kingfishers, nightingales and otters to help extend and protect wildlife habitats.

The owners are passionate about the environment and do everything that they can to look after it.


Monitoring recently installed bat boxes as part of wider project to benefit bats throughout the Cotswold Water Park.

Barn owl chicks currently in one of the owl boxes to be ringed in early August.

Creation of backwater in the Nature Reserve to provide habitat for water voles, water shrews, otter, kingfisher, dragonflies, damselflies, fish and freshwater invertebrates.

Extension of gravel islands on Somerford Lagoon to benefit wintering wildfowl and breeding birds such as little ringed plover and common tern.

Creation of compost heaps and specially constructed reptile hibernacular around estate to provide hibernation and breeding sites for reptiles, namely grass snakes.

Grazing around Freeth Mere SSSI to improve wildlife value of grassland, reduce bankside shading and benefit rare stonewort plants.


Thanks to the years of industrial neglect the estate benefited from,  the nature reserve at Lower Mill Estate has become a haven for both resident and visiting wildlife. Different times of day reveal the estate’s extraordinary population.

Dawn’s a great time to catch grazing deer, shy otters and beavers, part of a set that was re-introduced on the estate – the first in the UK for 500 years.

As the day progresses, settle into one of the three luxury bird hides for a peek at rare little plovers, herons, nightingales, tawny owls, egrets, grebes, teals, sand martins and kingfishers.

And after nightfall, enjoy the antics of otters, bats, foxes and badgers recorded by infra-red cameras along the banks of the river.

For such a peaceful place, there’s never a dull moment !

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